How Numerology Helps Us With Our Mental Health

Numerology has been around for centuries. Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras and Hippo were the first to hypothesize numerical concepts were practical and that it was up to one’s mind to seek the secrets that numerical connections hold reveal by divine grace.

Today, numerology is more concerned with using numbers to determine our personality types and life paths. The numbers are calculated using birth dates, and the age at which we were born influences the kind of person we will become. They allow us to assess the direction our lives are taking, freeing up our minds and improving our well-being.

Life Path Numerology

To calculate, add the day, month, and year digits separately and then adding the results until you get down to a single digit. Each of these numbers provides insight into our lives, which we can use to improve our mental health. For example, those with life path number 1 are said to be natural leaders and self-starters. 

Refer back to your life path number and rest assured that you are on the right track. When fully empowered, you will become the confident and successful leader you were born with.

Master Codes

There are three master numbers in numerology, and if you were born with one of these, you fall under the triangle of enlightenment because these are power numbers. The numbers are 11, 22, and 33, and you get them at the end of addition before you get to a single digit. Experts advise that 11 denotes a highly intuitive person who may be able to provide exotic gifts, whereas 22 denotes a master teacher who can devote their life to helping others. The sum of the two numbers, 33, encompasses everything: you are the master guide full of honesty and integrity. You will use your heavenly powers to help guide your positive energy onto others. Once you are aware of these special abilities, you will be able to mentally prepare for the life path that has been chosen for you.

The real reason numerology can help with your mental health is that it can prevent you from making mistakes. As an example, consider marriage. When a woman marries, it is customary in the West for her surname to be changed.

Life path numbers can be calculated using our names and birth dates, so changing our name changes our entire point of being as our energy shifts. This means that our chosen one may no longer be compatible, and your marriage may end in divorce before you know it. Suppose you had known your life path number ahead of time. In that case, you could have avoided this mental anguish and chosen the right partner from the start, allowing you both to live with harmonious energy and be genuinely compatible.

As we have seen, there are numerous benefits to using numerology in general, but perhaps the most important benefit is our mental health. Numerology enables you to understand how numbers have programmed you to have a specific personality set, this allows you to navigate the ups and downs of life. By ignoring your true life path, you risk channeling your energy in the wrong places when you could use your divine powers to help others see enlightenment and a way through life’s difficulties. So, connect with your life path today and see how it affects your daily life.