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The Basics of SCR from Detroit

No More Criticism of Competitors, Navistar's MaxxForce 15 to be dropped

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Study: More Particulate Emissions From Burgers Than Trucks...

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SCR 2012: The Road is Clear

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Penske's Ralph Stockmayer on the Success of SCR Technology


Recent News & Headlines

Brenntag North America Boosts DEF Storage & Delivery Capabilities, Brenntag

Brenntag North America Welcomes Employees To DEF Team, Brenntag

Quarles Petroleum Purchases DEF Fleet Fueling Systems From SPATCO DEF, SPATCO

Navistar receives EPA certification for 13L engine with SCR, Fleet Maintenance

Navistar adds SCR tech to vocational models, CCJ

No more criticism of competitors, Navistar's MaxxForce 15 to be dropped, Truckinginfo

Brenntag North America Further Expands DEF Infrastructure, Brenntag

Blue1 Introduces Non-Insulated Mini-bulk Systems for DEF Market, Blue1

Caterpillar truck engines also to get SCR, Fleet Owner

Navistar switching to SCR, Fleet Owner

Navistar alters course, The Wall Street Journal

Court rules for Navistar competitors in clean air case, Truckinginfo

Pilot to install DEF pumps in 1,000 filling lanes by October, Discover DEF

DEF Transition Going Smoothly, Air1 Executive Says, Truckinginfo

MATS: Volvo, Mack boast 8-12% fuel savings with enhancements, Today's Trucking

Detroit Diesel sold 25,000 engines with BlueTec SCR in 2010, Discover DEF


Tier 4 Vehicles Make Bright DEF Future Even Brighter

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DEF 2010 Baseline Study Announced

- Click the link above to read the article by Kim Doran & Chuck Mattina


EPA SCR Guidance in the Federal Register

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Check out the latest study on the state of the DEF supply chain

- Click to view a presentation from OPIS presented by Chuck Mattina


Freightliner calls efficiency trucking's watchword for the future

- Click to read an article from Fleet Owner and view video from Freightliner's David Siler


Proven: Customers Report on BlueTec SCR

- Click to watch new videos on North American customer experience with BlueTec SCR


Simplicity: Diesel Exhaust Fluid Use

- Click to watch video on the process of filling your DEF tank


CARB/EPA host SCR Workshop

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held

an SCR workshop on July 20, 2010. Their intent was to review areas for improvement in future policy

against the backdrop of what technologies and inducements are already in place.

- Click the links below to view a presentation and a handout from the workshop describing what they

want to set as future policy is already being done as standard operating procedure on 2010-compliant trucks.




DEF for 2010: Diesel Exhaust Fluid Supply Stream is Stocked & Ready

- Click to find out more about the Educational Exhibit at Mid-America Truck Show


TMC SuperTech Forum Sept. 2009

Presentation Link   SCR 101: Getting Ready for EPA 2010

Audio Link   SCR 101: Getting Ready for EPA 2010 Webinar


Study: Truck Industry Preference for EPA 2010


Latest Information from CARB

- Click to see how these new developments will affect the diesel trucking industry


SCR OEMs Support EPA


Interviews with Industry Experts

See what the industry is saying about SCR:

Detroit Diesel BlueTec (Windows Media Player Video)

Volvo (Windows Media Player Video)

For more information from past events click the Events link at the bottom of the page

White Papers and Opinion Features


Thank you for visiting FactsAboutSCR.com where you can find the latest news and information on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), a diesel emissions control technology that offers diesel fuel economy and operational advantages while optimizing engine efficiency and reducing criteria pollutants recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to near-zero levels.

With its superior return in both economic and environmental benefits, SCR is also being recognized as the emissions control technology of choice for all manufacturers in the commercial trucking industry, including: Daimler Trucks (Freightliner & Western Star), PACCAR (Kenworth & Peterbilt), Volvo Trucks (Volvo & Mack) and now Navistar (International). Leading engine manufacturers, including Cummins and Detroit Diesel Corporation, have also recognized SCR to be the preferred diesel emissions control technology to meet EPA 2010 standards.

FactsAboutSCR.com will continue to educate, inform and keep you updated as regulations and the market continue develop the infrastructure and technology of SCR.

Click here for interviews with industry experts, who will tell you about the importance of SCR in their own words

Did you know?  With even tougher standards on the horizon (and engines to be regulated separately from vehicles), Detroit and Cummins engines using SCR technology are expected to be fully compliant a year ahead of schedule. And by January 2013, those engines will comply with Greenhouse Gas (GHG) 2014 engine requirements.

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